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Tommy at 22 years old holding my Les paul - I wish I still owned it
                                   The days of  light and innocence -
                                   Man, have things changed... Please check out:

Tommy playing at On Stage circa Woody Guthrie llok
                         My Guthrie/Dylan days.

On stage performance circa 80's looking like Lynyrd Skynyrd
                                  The days of Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Perforning at an On Stage perfornamce circa 80's looking like Bruce Springsteen
                                    The Bruce Springsteen Days.

hugging frioend Dayton Corbin circa 80's
                               My dear friend and songwriting partner Dayton Corbin

Good friend Dayton Corbin's CD cover photo
                       Standing in Areas 51 

Friend Charlie at Grace's funeral service
                    My long time friend Charlie Tweddle.

tommy modeling his first Charlie tweddle hat
                            Modeling my first official Charlie Tweddle hat.

Tommy playing bass on break
                   100 degrees and ready for a break

my good friend Steve Kritzer playing guitar at family party
                               My friend and songwriting buddy Steve Kritzer.


Tommy with Bonnie Chancellor in Boulder Creek, Ca. circa 80's
                   With Bonnie Chancellor in Boulder Creek, Calif.

My son Terryk at 12 years old playing guitar
                      My son Terryk James, whose more talented
                       than he knows. His music can be hear on:

Tommy with Arthur Godfrey at Skippers in Tampa, Florida
           With Arthur Godfrey and Kyle Hotchkiss at Skippers Smokehouse in                          Tampa, Fl.. The weatherman said clear in the 80's, but 30 degrees was                     the gig - cool..... Sponcered by WMNF Radio
                                       Arthur's music can be sampled on:

Tommy with Patrick O' Connor at the Mediterian Club, SeaCliff, Ca.
             With my songwriting buddy Patrick O'Connor.
             We wrote several of the popular songs I perform.

tommy with dan wilson at the bay view hotel
                           A sweet Friday at The BayView Hotel in Aptos with Dan Wilson
tommy at the bay view x mass 2007
                             Christmas 2007

Tommy at The bay View Hotel Aptos, Ca.
                                          Thanksgiving, 2007      

happy tom playing
                                        A sunny day in Aptos, Calif.

Tommy with August Bullock at The bayView Hotel in Aptos Ca.
                        With August Bullock; harp player extrordinaire

August Bullock takinga solo at The bay View Hotel in Aptos, Ca.
                                       August takes a solo

friend Dan with camera
                          Dan Wilson; one hell-of-a harp player
               and a photographer - thanks Dan for all the killer pics

Friend Randy Winnett
          My good friend Randy Winnett ; now touring with Rascal Flats

Friend Pat Mc Cue
        Pat Mc Cue;  my rocker buddy from way back.

tom with friend walt
                      Working with Walt Parker; who treated me more like a son
                      than my own father. Walt passed away in Jan. 2008 - he was 84

Dave O'Connor thumb
My good friend Dave O'Connor. Dave has played with such artists as:
Buffy Saint-Marie, The Letterman and Leonard Cohen.
More about Dave can bee explored at:

tommy at rosies in santa cruz
  Outside of Rosie McCanns - Santa Cruz, California