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Charlie in KY


    "As an artist and musician, folks give me their music all the time, but
when Tommy passed me his Overdose of Honesty, I just knew there was going to be something different about it - and I was right. I'm still listening to it."                                                             

               Charlie Tweddle -  
     Cowboy hat maker to the Stars
 -  Santa Cruz, Ca. 5/15/08

AG cd cover

     "Wicked Cool Tommy,
The song "A Hold On Me" sounds great, as do all the tunes I've ever heard you play in the past. I just listened to them all on your My Space Site. You live your 'art' for the right reason.

Tommy: it's your life blood, case closed!"

    Thank you for being such a true friend and a "talented and dedicated"
musician, song-writer, author ....
and for kind-a selfish reasons, bass player with me for many, many shows.
   American Recording Artist, Arthur Godfrey - Nashville/TN 3/29/2008

Steve Kritzer


    "Hey Tom,
Nice pages, and fun to hear your songs. I think you hit your stride. Good stuff. Nice singing too. But are you still the Tommy we know and love? Yeh... Would be great to connect again - in person. We go back a LONG way!

        Performing Songwriter, Steve Kritzer - Los Gatos, Ca. 6/25/2008